A Rich History – The Legacy of Sam Catalano

Min Plus was founded on the visionary efforts of Sam Catalano, a man deeply rooted in the agricultural traditions of Innisfail. With a background in sugar cane cultivation, cattle rearing, timber business, mining and quarrying, Sam established a quarry in the early 1980’s. He noticed that crops near the quarry exhibited fewer diseases, and cattle showed a preference for grazing in the area.

With curiosity and determination, Sam collaborated with the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and discovered that the increased mineral content in the soil and water, derived from the volcanic rock dust was highly beneficial to plant and animal health.

Nearly five years of research led to the formulation of a revolutionary product using mineral rock dust. with CSIRO led to the formulation of a revolutionary product using mineral rock dust. A pilot plant was established to ensure consistency, and custom equipment was designed to product a viable product.

In July 1992, Sam Catalano began manufacturing and selling Min Plus locally and nationally. Under  his leadership, Min Plus became a proven and successful product.

Application of Min Plus in Farming

Research Studies and White Papers

Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation – Rejuvenating Soils with Min Plus

A rock dust and soil conditioner to improve the productivity of acidic, highly weathered soils.

A report by RJ Coventry, GP Gillman, ME Burton, D McSkimming, DC Burkett, NLR Horner – James Cook University

The Effects of Soil Amendments on Selected Properties of Tea Soils and Tea Plants in Australia and Sri Lanka

Thesis by Meragalge Swarna Damayanthi Luxmei De Silva
Bsc, MPhil (Crop Science), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Doctor of Philosophy in Tropical Plant Science
School of Biological Sciences, James Cook University

Our Mission: Continuing the Legacy

At Min Plus, our mission is to rejuvenate soils across Australia, promoting healthier crops and sustainable agriculture. Under the leadership of Daniel and Rachel Gangemi, we are committed to enhancing our operations and delivering high-quality volcanic rock dust to farmers nation-wide. We strive to support Australian agriculture by providing a proven and effective soil rejuvenator, ensuring that Min Plus remains a trusted name in soil health for generations to come. Join us as we continue to innovate and improve, helping to build a more sustainable future for Australian farming.