Nature’s Secret for

Healthier Plants and Crops

100% Natural Volcanic Mineral Dust

About Min Plus

Min Plus is a 100% natural multi-mineral fertiliser, crafted from finely crushed volcanic rock. It is ideal for gardens of all sizes, from pot plants and backyard veggie gardens to large-scale agricultural operations.

Sourced directly from the soils at the base of the Great Dividing Range, our product is milled and packaged at our purpose-built facility at Coorumba, at the foot of the Palmerston Highway.

The product’s rich mineral content, a result of eons of geological activity and glacial shaping, provides an effective and simple way to replenish essential nutrients in the soil.

By integrating Min Plus Rock Dust into your gardening routine, you’re tapping into the natural power of volcanic minerals to invigorate your soil and enhance plant growth.

The Benefits of Min Plus

Soil Acidity Reduction

Neutralises toxic elements in tropical soils, enhancing nutrient availability and promoting healthy plant growth.

Eco-Friendly pH Balancing

Raises soil pH similar to lime but without releasing greenhouse gases, offering an environmentally responsible choice.

Rich Elemental Content

Packed with essential minerals, and corrects phosphorus absorption issues to ensure robust plant development.

Enhanced Growth Recovery

Demonstrates a faster recovery for crops like bananas post-environmental stress (eg. tropical cyclone).

Sustainable Agriculture

Supports eco-conscious farming practices, improved soil health and better crop nutrition.

What is in Min Plus?

Min Plus is a natural basaltic rock dust soil conditioner that enriches the soil with essential minerals to promote healthy plant growth and sustainable agriculture.

Ingredients derived from mineral rock:

Magnesium (Mg)

Calcium (Ca)

Iron (Fe)

Potassium (K)

Phosphorus (P)

Copper (Cu)

Zinc (Zn)


Sugar Cane